About Tesoro

This exquisitely beautiful, haunting memoir…will carve a place in readers’ minds…A fascinating, magnificently epic family saga told by a gifted storyteller.”– Kirkus Reviews

Tesoro Front Cover

Nothing is greater than the force that tears a family apart, except the force that brings it
back together.

Spanning half a century and crossing the globe to New York, Colombia, Italy and Las Vegas, Tesoro:The Treasured Life of a Discarded Daughter traces the challenges Veronica Picone faces as a daughter excluded by her family for thirty years. Just seventeen when she is ordered to leave home, Picone is thrust into the social and political upheaval of 1960’s New York with no place to belong. Through her eyes we experience the world of a woman who moves through decades forging a life and career, living within miles of the family that won’t have her. When Alzheimer’s erases her mother’s grudge, their delicate reunion begins, unearthing a shocking secret kept from Picone since birth. Working against time, she chooses to become her mother’s caretaker and rebuild connections with her fractured family.

Tesoro offers hope to anyone who seeks the transformative power to forgive or be forgiven for family love gone awry. It is a gripping testament to the human heart’s ability to mend.